TSO-PERIMETERof Technical Means of Protection Perimeters

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Results of the exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2017"
In October this year, in Moscow on the territory of VDNH was XXI International Exhibition of State Security Means "INTERPOLITEX-2017". GC "Omega-microdesign" thanks all visitors, exhibitors and organizers of the exhibition for their interest in our company and our products.
 GC "Omega-microdesign" invites to the XXI International exhibition "INTERPOLITEX 2017"
Dear colleagues! GC "Omega-microdesign" hurries to invite you to the XXI International exhibition "INTERPOLITEX 2017" which will be held from 17 to 20 October in Moscow, on the territory of VDNH. We invite you to come to our exposition within the framework of the exhibition "BORDER 2017" - Pavilion 75, Hall A, stand 1D2-4, and get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of technical security equipment.
ATTENTION! NEW! Micro-wave detector Prizma-3-24/250NR1 with a narrow volume detection zone.
Since May 2017, STC "Electronic devices" has launched a new line
two-position micro-wave detectors for perimeter protection with the possibility of working close to the barrier. Detector with a narrow detection zone with a design in compact housings.

Scientific-and-Manufacturing Centre “Omega-microdesign” (LLC SMC Omega-microdesign) is a designer and manufacturer of technical devices for the perimeter protection, power supply units and junction boxes.

The company is specialized in producing of wire-wave detectors of the Impuls series and radio wave detectors of the Prizma series.

Our products are designed to protect territories and boundaries of the objects of any length and complexity.

20 years of scientific-and-technical work on the market of security systems have allowed to create unique opportunities to apply security devices of our production.

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