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About of company

image001.jpgIn 2014, the restructured Scientific Production Center "Omega-microdesign" of the company, which since 1991 develops and produces technical means of protection perimeters.

Today, "Omega-microdesign" is one of the leading players in the security market.

Products manufactured at the plant, delivered in public and private enterprises, the state power structures, energy and oil and gas industry, commercial and private entities of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad.

Significant expansion of the market of products has led to the need to restructure SPC "Omega-microdesign" and allocation of individual legal entities responsible for particular area under the auspices of the Group of Companies "Omega-microdesign":

Companies "Omega-microdesign":



STC "Electronic devices".


1. Development, promotion and implementation of technical security of perimeters.

2. The complex of works on equipping the perimeters of objects technical security:

- Analysis / selection of equipment ;

- Technical and field testing;

- Distribution, regional promotion;

- Cooperation with the design and installation organizations.

- Training of specialists;

- Logistic activities.

- Foreign (foreign trade) activity;


Electronic Devices Factory


1. Production of equipment for perimeter security: detectors, junction boxes, power connection, power supply, mounting kit.

2. Delivery of the equipment in Russia and abroad.


Scientific Production Center "Omega-microdesign"


1. Carrying out research and development work on the development of new technical means for perimeter security.

2. Development and formation of complex engineering solutions for equipping facilities with security systems.

3. Complex supply of equipment to Russian and foreign customers.


Enterprises Group Company "Omega-microdesign" will provide our partners, customers, suppliers wider, mobile and high-quality solutions in the sector of security equipment and will allow the use of the most appropriate forms of mutually beneficial cooperation.

- Allocation of the development of new technical means of protection perimeters in a separate unit will improve the planning and implementation of research and development activities;

- Formation of complex engineering solutions for equipping of objects with security systems will allow offer integrated solutions in collaboration with partners producing of other market segments Safety

- Expansion of industrial areas will improve product quality, reduce the time and costs of production, and as a result provide the best deals on the cost of the finished product;

- New programs to promote of technical means of protection perimeters will improve the feedback with end customers, equipment suppliers and project installers;

- Extended field tests using of the latest testing equipment, allow to make the necessary timely adjustments to the manufactured products and test new models of intrusion detectors.



Our company was established in 1991 when a group of the leading specialists of one of the "closed" MIC enterprises founded there own new enterprise "Scientific-Production Center Omega-microdesign".

The company was created almost from a scratch. The only capital at the beginning was our workers’ scientific-and-technical experience. We all wanted to design truly new and unique products, corresponding to the latest requirements of the rapidly developing society.

Our company was supposed to satisfy the increasing security market’s demand on the quality products. It required applying of high technologies in the manufacturing process and constant improving of the products’ model range.

Right direction of production development, originally selected by the director, and innovation policy resulted in the successful growth of the company. We didn't copy other companies' products - we made a decision to create our own devices, having no world analogues. It, certainly, required considerable investments, but the result didn't disappoint us - we managed to create principally new detectors.


Today we take leading positions in perimeter security equipment manufacturing.

The detectors are taken into service by the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Federal Penitentiary Service. Our detectors are applied on objects of various industries, oil and gas extraction, power engineering, transport. They are used to guard the perimeters of enterprises and private properties in Russia and abroad.

“Omega-microdesign” suggests the best innovative solutions and unique products, based on the advanced technologies. Products are certified by Security and fire alarm equipment certification center (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia).

On the safety market:

We have been participating in major exhibitions and forums since 2005, in order to provide our customers and installers with more detailed information about our serial and new products and to set up a direct dialogue with the engineers of the assembling organizations. We also work on expanding of our presence in specialized printed editions.

Our company participates in the biggest international exhibitions on safety and security annually. All the major modifications of the detectors of the "Omega-microdesign" production were awarded with diplomas and prizes for participating in different competitions.

Our products are marked with the following awards:

♦ Diplomas and medals of the first degree of the "National Security" Competition, which is held within the international exhibition "INTERPOLITEX";

♦ Diplomas and gold medals of the International Exhibition and Forum "Security and Safety Technologies";

♦ Gold medals and diplomas of the winners of "Safety Etalon" contest which was held within the international forum “SFITEX”, for the linear detector "Impuls-MINI", designed for the perimeter protection;

♦ Diplomas and medals of the American-Russian Business Union «Innovations for investments to the future» for the implementation of a new patented method of detecting objects and its application in manufacturing of "PRISMA-2" detectors, as well as for the working out of the " Impulse-mini 1" detector and reaching of high quality of products.

♦Medal and diploma ZUBR National Security Award (“For the strengthening of Security in Russia”) for the detectors of "Prizma1" series . This award is considered to be “Russian Oscar” in the security sphere.

Production and testing:

There are manufacturing facilities, modern equipment and instruments, repair-and-testing base with its own training ground on our enterprise. Qualified specialists with extensive experience in this field have devoted many years to scientific research and developments in the area of perimeter security equipment. They are capable of solving complex tasks on developing and manufacturing of the most advanced products. Thanks to this, the company is successfully developing.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, conforming to the requirements ISO 9001-2001 was introduced at the enterprise in 2008.

Our detectors have been successfully tested at the training grounds of various state agencies:

♦ Our products have been tested at the base of the Federal Office on safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons, to ensure reliable protection of strategic objects of the Russian Federation. According to the tests' results, it's been decided to replace specified in the project detection equipment of third-party organizations with the detectors of the «Omega-microdesign» production.

♦ Perimeter security equipment of "Omega-microdesign" production has been tested on the training ground of the Federal State Institution « Interregional center of engineering and technical provision of the Federal Penitentiary Service». Tests' results have shown full compliance with the basic parameters and characteristics of the "Prizma" series and "Impulse" series products, and with the requirements of normative documents of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. Our products are recommended to be applied on the objects of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

♦ Training ground tests were held at the basis of 12 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Tests' results have shown full compliance with the basic parameters and characteristics of the "Prizma" series and "Impulse" series products, and with the requirements of normative documents of the Ministry of Defense. Our products are recommended to be applied on the objects of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Plans for the future

The market of technical devices for the perimeter protection is steadily growing and dictates new requirements for objects’ safety providing.

Our motto: “Your safety is our highest award” will be always actual for us.

Our company doesn't stop on the achieved! We are working on the further improvement of our products and development of new devices. We also constantly develop manufacturing and testing facilities. We will do our best to provide our customers with only top-quality products!


Respectfully yours,
Deputy director for scientific work
Evgeniy Andrianov


SPC "Omega-microdesign" have registered trademark in the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

The graphical part of the image - a stylized spiral barbed wire inside the circle.

Verbal part - the letter "O" (Omega), which is located inside coil; elements of the coil form letters - «μ» (micro), «d» (design \ design). The letter "O, m, d 'are key in the name of our company," Omega-microdesign"





Trademark Certificate "Impuls-"


Products manufactured in SPC "Omega-microdesign" is a registered trademark.


In the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation registered the trademark "Impuls -" which is used for the name of a series of wire-detectors for perimeter security.