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Authors: Garkin O. I. Head of Marketing and Advertising Department of SPC ‘Omega-microdesign’, Andrianov D. E. Engineer of SPC ‘Omega-microdesign’.

Security lighting plays an important role in the system of safety of objects. But it stays away from the attention of companies. It accompanies the control of borders, something highlights, but not seen as a very important link. It`s would like to change the approach to covering the perimeter, it is not only the element of security, but  it can be and designer decoration and  also art object!


So what is security lighting? It is clear that at night time, not all video cameras can «see» objects that violate the security line. Although now many of them have built-in infrared (invisible to the naked eye) searchlights and do not need additional illumination. But look at this question a little wider. The infringer find it easier to make a decision on the intersection of the boundary of protection, if, in his opinion, this object is not protected. And tries to execute his plan under the cover of night, when no one will notice, and he will go unpunished. Even if he cannot avoid detection, it will require human resources, who will detention and «weaken» the current protection. And if this is a casual thief decided to «something profit» on the unguarded from his point of view the object, because «in the confusion, you can ignore the other more dangerous offender. It seems that hiding perimeter «in the darkness» we provoke violators. So maybe rather nice and bright enable a night light, will and beautifully and more safely.








There are many variants of illumination perimeters and territories. Security lighting can include segmented or increase the illumination on a specific area or sector, automatically, at a signal «ALARM», from security detector. With each sector, which is in the zone of responsibility of a particular detector or group of sensors, is armed with various options for adding or regulation of light. This gives undeniable advantages in the visual identification of the infringer and determine its location on the object in real time, intentions, etc. Also quickly enable or sharp increase in brightness of the light has a demoralizing effect on the offender, which can delay it on the perimeter of the «win» necessary additional seconds before the arrival of the response team. However, this «game» with the light warns the violator and allows him to take steps to combat detention. Therefore, in each case, there are positive and negative properties and the choice of the developer of the security system. Either repel or secretly detained. 
As a rule, simultaneously with the issuance of the ALARM security detector and the inclusion of lighting, included surveillance cameras for this plot. The operator on the protection quickly get the complete picture at the moment of alarms that helps to make the right decisions to respond to this situation. 
Modern objects of suburban and urban real estate, cottage settlements and land ownership are equipped with systems of protection, constructively combined with lighting systems. An example is a fairly large demand for security alarms, made in the form of landscaping lamps or other art designs that combine the functions of protection with the functions of lighting and landscaping. The customer receives and security, and the decoration of the complex. The appearance of the detectors may or may not have signs of alarm, all at the request of customers and strategic requirements of the security. We emphasize again that it is not always advantageous to conceal that the object is protected, but sometimes scare off casual fans of material values». 
Devices for lighting now experiencing a real rise of eco-friendly, low power, low-cost and safe led lamp may illuminate, and decorating at the same time. They can shine in different colors, flashing and transfused to create different color effects, and even pictures. 
Garkin O. I.
Head of Marketing and Advertising Department 
of SPC ‘Omega-microdesign’, 
Andrianov D. E. 
Engineer of SPC ‘Omega-microdesign’.