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Results of the exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2017"

GC "Omega-microdesign" thanks all visitors, exhibitors and organizers of the exhibition for their interest in our company and our products.
One of the main thematic areas of the exhibition within the framework of the International Exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2017" was "Specialized Exhibition of Technical Means of Border Guard "Border Guard ".

GC "Omega-microdesign" has provided Russian and foreign state customers and power and industry departments, private individuals with unique technical means for perimeter protection of their own design and production.

Special attention was paid to the new small aesthetic two-position micro-wave detector “Prizma-3-24” with a narrow detection zone operating at 24.15 GHz, which is constructed on the basis of Patent RU 2348980C2 and is intended for placement closely to barrages, walls, roofs and other constructions.

Following the results of the International competition "National Security 2017" our company received a Diploma and a Medal "For the innovative development of a two-position perimeter detector" Prisma-3-24 "with the possibility of working close to the barrages."


Also NEW - two-position micro-wave detectors "Prizma-2 / 100M" and "Prizma-2 / 300M" with adjustable sizes of the detection zone, with the degree of protection IP67- allowing to use detectors in water areas of large ports and reservoirs, in difficult storm conditions was presented to visitors of the exhibition.

The detector is constructed on the basis of Patent RU 2348980C2 and is designed for placement closely to barrages, walls, bridges, overpasses, piers and other constructions.

In the detectors of the series "Prizma-2" and "Prizma-3" there is no influence of radio waves reflected from foreign objects. Today, we can propose the formation of a detection zone by radio wave detectors in practically any conditions. The determining factor is a providing the direct visibility of the receiving and transmitting units themselves at the perimeter sections.

In a series of wirewave detectors, the novelty was introduced - "Impulse-20/350" - a wire-wave detector to monitor protected boundaries with turns and elevations, as well as on rough terrain, which allows to determine the direction of the intruder's movement when overcoming the detection zone.

The last upgrades of waveguide perimeter detectors with the use of the latest signal processing methods allowed to improve the quality of detection and noise immunity.

At the exhibition our enterprise represented a new direction - a device for transmitting a signal over a radio channel.

Attention to the visitors were shown the antennas "Goboy-1", "Voltorna-1", "Piccolo-1".

Antennas with vertical polarization are intended to work in a composition of different radio-channel systems, including alarm transmission systems, operating in the range of 433 MHz.

The antennas are intended for use in the conditions of open terrain and of the dense urban developments and can be used together with receivers, transmitters, transceivers and retranslators.



We are grateful to all visitors who showed interest in our products.

We hope that the exhibition will help to establish new ties, strengthen and expand cooperation.

In case of your interest, the specialists of GC "Omega-microdesign" will render professional technical assistance for use of our product on objects, will provide the necessary documentation on setup, operation and maintenance of products.

We will wait for you at the following exhibitions, which we will inform in advance!